The pain in her side twisted suddenly upward, as if the person holding the knife in her side had tilted the handle to point the blade up.  She let out a groan of pain and tried to scream, but the hand around her neck moved up to her mouth.  Her breath quickened.  She knew if she panicked that she could die.  She had to think quickly.  The knife moved toward her stomach and she immediately felt weakened as warm blood flowed from her side down her leg.  She could smell her assailant.  It had to be a man because it was the unmistakable smell of Old Spice.
After the murder of their mother, Rachel, Haylie, and Kayla Van Duren come home to comfort their father, Tom.  But instead of the hometown they love and remember, they find a town that has changed from the way it was when they were growing up.  Not only was their mother murdered, but a young girl has been kidnapped. The sisters take it upon themselves to set their hometown right and to find who killed their mother.

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